The Angry you.

The angry you,

You are the person mostly like me,
Not just in appearance, but whatever it be.
From owning the same womb, to the same bed
Ascending together , under the same shed.

Then how come you say I don’t understand you,
The only person in my closest view.
Yes, it may be that I failed to explain,
Dare you think inside me it did not rain.

Everytime you cry is like my soul abusing me,
Your angelic smile gives me the greatest glee.
Yes, I do fight , I have complains too,
But I would never let this “I” grow taller than “YOU”.

I will not let you fall, I am holding you tightly ,
I will be the happiest to see you some day glow brightly ,
Cause this is a relation not created by me,
But by someone whom this world calls THEE.

Come running to me , forget your anger,
Alone you walk, this world will slander.
Don’t deny these hands , they ask your embrace ,
I know how badly you are longing for my gentle caresse.

..Elder sister.


My Starter

First of all,

I welcome myself to my place.(u are welcomed as well.)

Okay……from where to start , what to start , I don’t know. But I have started , cause that’s important. May be all of us have started like this only . I don’t think the time when u entered this world u had all your lofty plans made … all your life planned …everything set n all those extra bullshits. what u did in your first minute was – u cried your heart out. U didn’t know where would that someone staring at u would take u. U were unaware of the big place u were brought to. u were cool.

People usually don’t let that cool attitude of theirs to continue. before starting up a thing they burden up their heads with a lot of useless thoughts (according to me). like “will i be able to do this? should i start now ? no,no i should think more…wait . Yes I have to do this for my father no no for my family actually. yes , I can do it . success … is that for sure .if i don’t achieve ..shit that will be of a problem . lastly…..GOD HELP”….and many more. I agree that its okay to analyse the prospects before starting a stuff . But that’s good only upto a certain extent. analyzing doesn’t mean u form up the entire story in you head.

Mostly I have heard people saying ” In order to achieve , u must first believe u can “. I sware the 4th word of this statement impedes one’s journey. People begin something with the object of completing it with the object of achieving it. According to me that shouldn’t be one’s mentality. when we do something we should do it for the sake of doing. Success or failure doesn’t reside in our hands. The pressure of success , achievement, family n society expectations etc. results in low efficiency. Self expectation , self satisfaction is all that matters. self satisfaction means when your inner self gives you the certificate that “yes u did or yes u are doing “.

So…Dude start . Take things easy. Satisfy yourself not this world. What others think shouldn’t be a thing of your concern. Start , continue , invent , discover , rise ,fall , keep going till you tire each and every part of yours. 😊